Top New York SEO Company Shares 3 SEO Strategies


As the internet continues to hold the attention of millions of people, it’s not surprising that SEO is still the top tool used for reaching the online market. New York businesses, in particular, make use of SEO companies in light of the amount of competition in this bustling city.

The question is: what SEO strategies exactly make an impact on a market as large as New York? Here is what the top New York SEO Company is using right now regarding strategies that work today:

Social Media

Social Media still holds crucial position SEO strategies, but they now go way beyond the typical ‘open an account and maintain it’ technique. Instead, SEO companies invest largely in making sure that their social media accounts make a mark – especially on the platforms that matter: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. You do not just accumulate some followers but also follow ones that will help contribute to your overall campaign. Although social media also contributes when it comes to SEO and keywords, the main pull of this technique is with branding. Social media makes it possible for you to impress your brand upon people so that when they see your logo, it invokes an instant positive reaction.

Link Building

Link building can be incorporated in practically all approaches to SEO. It is essentially a technique that involves placing links to your website in different locations in the net so that there is a constant stream of URLs moving to your domain. Google takes careful notice of this and includes this in their computation when building rank. Typically, links are posted in blogs, social media, forums, comments, and other websites. Note though that the strongest links are those made by other people, so you better make your strategy so compelling that they are encouraged to post links leading to your website.

Content is STILL King

It is a pretty old-school SEO strategy, but there is no question that it works powerfully. Your social media presence and link building strategies won’t work if your content is not worth seeing. Hence, large SEO companies pay particular attention to the information provided on behalf of their clients. We’re not just talking about words and articles – we are also talking about videos, music, podcast, PDF, and other materials used to draw in the people. By providing information your market finds attractive, there’s a higher chance that they’d follow you on Facebook and share your links because – why wouldn’t they?

Of course, those are just some of the strategies used by big SEO companies nowadays. Although it is not a good idea to use only these, it does pay to focus many of your energy in the above strategies. Keep in mind that these three strategies work together to give you the results you want. Thanks to seowebdesigners for sharing these tips.

A common question is: I can do all these by myself, why should I hire an SEO company for this? In truth – it is perfectly possible to engage in SEO without a professional. Bearing in mind that competition, however, SEO strategies should be used aggressively and consistently – something only professionals are in the position of doing.

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